The Dust Jacket at 44 Byron St in Inverell NSW Australia is proud to be an independent bookshop. The friendly team and the “Aladdin’s Cave” feel at The Dust Jacket make the shop such a special place to visit.

Dustjacket-Promo-068The Inverell shop was opened in 2004 in the heritage listed Pastoral Chambers, which was previously the offices of Borthwick and Butler Solicitors, at 44 Byron St Inverell NSW. This is also the site of the original Telegraph Station in Inverell. 

It is a beautiful building and the shop is a series of vibrant rooms, full of books, gifts and some comfy couches! The aromas of coffee wafting up the hallway from Out the Back cafe (which coincidently is out the back) are sure to entice you to stay just a little longer. 

At The Dust Jacket we love our books and all of us are avid readers of a wide variety of reading genres. We have no trouble in recommending a suitable book! We provide a very large range of quality reading for all ages and interests. 

We also enjoy finding fun, interesting and unique giftware such as cards, boardgames, puzzles, toys, art/craft kits, stationery and much more. We have all sorts of things to inspire creativity and curiousity!

Ordering books for customers is a special service we provide. We take great pride in doing our best to source books and aim to get that book in stock as fast as we can! Customers can also Lay-by. Gift Vouchers are another popular gift idea.

The Dust Jacket is so much more a shop. We are kept very by being involved in the local community and schools, this includes author events, literary lunches, writersí workshops, bookclubs and Saturday childrenís reading, actively promoting literacy and a love of reading.

There is always something happening at The Dust Jacket! Make sure you check out our website calendar regularly and call in to the shop to see what’s on.

The Dust Jacket does our best to bring in as many authors as possible to our little country town. We do school visits, workshops, author talks, dinners and book signing!

All of us who work at The Dust Jacket love books and reading and enjoy meeting and helping our customers. We love a chat and hearing about what good books you have been reading.

We LOVE our shop, come in and see why …